Thursday, April 17, 2008

Immigration Teach-In

Today, April 17th, there will be a teach-in on immigration in the Heritage Room, Jackson Student Union. Here's the run-down:

2:30 Suzanne Wilson, “Myths of Immigration”
2:50 Bob Douglas, “Old and New Immigrants in Minnesota”
3:10 Sujay Rao, Mexican Immigration in historical
3:30 Byron Nordstrom, “”How They Coped: Swedish Immigrants in Minnesota”
3:50 Deb Pitton, “Stories from the Border”
4:10 Richard Leitch, “An Analysis of Japanese Emigration”
4:30 Mayra Taylor and student panel, “Witnessing Immigration in Southern Minnesota”
4:50 Mary Solberg, “Immigration: a Personal Perspective”
5:10 Student experiences - OLAS members

Meanwhile, in the new books area, we have a sampling of new publications on the topic. So - drop by to hear interdisciplinary perspectives on the issue, and later you can curl up with a good book!

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