Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Heitzeg Collection

Heitzeg Collection, 3rd Floor, Library
 Come check out our Heitzeg Collection located on the 3rd floor near our music scores.We are continuing to add new scores and ecoscores as they are made available to us. The collection is a gift from the Emmy Award-winning musician and 1982 Gustavus graduate, Steve Heitzeg. He is best known for his music written in celebration of the natural world. He has amassed a large body of works that address social and ecological issues with vision and compassion.

 An advocate for the “peaceful coexistence of all species through music”, Heitzeg has written compositions for orchestra, chorus, chamber ensemble, ballet and PBS films. His music has been performed by leading orchestras and ensembles.

 An environmentalist, Steve Heitzeg has been writing ecoscores, which are intimate works with inventive musical syntax that seek to honor nature and promote peace, for over a decade.Two of those works include Peace March for Paul and Sheila Wellstone (composed in the shape of a peace sign) and American Symphony (Unfinished)  (ten chords that honor famous American peace activists, superimposed on an unfinished American flag). He also constructs and includes naturally-found instruments in his compositions to symbolize the interconnectedness of humans with nature.

 For more information see Heitzeg's website

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